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Web Developer

I am a Web Developer, Teacher, and Team Leader.

I lead HatCHRy at C.H. Robinson (an onboarding program for new Software Engineers). My wife and I founded Code Championship (competitive computer coding) to inspire the next generation of computer coders.

When I have the chance, I enjoy contributing to open source projects like Scratch, Gatsby, Node Postgres, and Approachable IO.

Check out my GitHub and LinkedIn to learn more about what I'm working on.


I lead HatCHRy at C.H. Robinson (an onboarding program for new Software Engineers). I spent three years teaching at Prime Digital Academy, a coding bootcamp in Minneapolis, MN.

I believe that learning to code can make an immense positive impact in someone's life. I teach adults and children to code.

As a part of teaching others to code, I speak publicly on different tech topics at conferences and meetups.

Here is a playlist of a few of my recent speaking engagements.

Team Leader

Code Championship is a competitive computer coding platform for teachers, parents and coding instructors.

I lead a group of highly energetic teachers and software developers who believe that all students should learn a little bit about code. Even if they're not professional software developers, - and we don't believe everyone has to be - code is going to be such an important part of their lives, that they should know at least a little bit about it.

Check out this video for a peek into what that looks like!

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I love feedback! Feedback from speaking engagements or anything else is always greatly appreciated. I read every piece of feedback.